Best mobile app development company in Oakleigh

Clever Shark have been a top company for mobile app development in Oakleigh. We have served several startups and companies by proving them the best mobile app development services that help them in achieving happy customers.

Mobile app development services

Cross Platforms: Our company provides amazing cross-platform services where an app works on multiple platforms such as android and iOS devices. It serves as a perfect idea for an app to work for many end-users. Our experts use several software such as Xamarin, react native, and Phone Gap to make your app run smoothly to different platforms. By developing an app on this platform, our Mobile App Development Company in Oakleigh feels proud to make many end-users satisfied with our developed apps.

Use of artificial intelligence: Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning is rapidly becoming an essential topic for mobile apps. AI gives personal assistance to users. ourMobile App Development Company in Oakleigh develop apps integrated with artificial intelligence that makes the app smart and intelligent providing the user's satisfaction. Artificial intelligence incorporated in your app to allow you to use voice assistance and much more to make it more interactive.

iPad app development: the app design plays an important role in establishing the best user interface and a great experience. A beautiful design is responsible for catching the user’s attention and keeping them engaged. Our expert designers follow Apple’s and Goggle’s guidelines to create visually appealing UI/UX designs without hampering their functionality. Our mobile app development company in Oakleigh understands the company’s needs and create amazing app designs for them that prove engaging to the customers.

UI/UX designs for mobile apps: A large population is passionate about mobile gaming which makes it a must for every company to provide effective mobile gaming services to achieve customer satisfaction and a great experience. IPhone app development in Melbourne has a team of professional game developers that will provide you with high-performance IPhone gaming services.

Why choose mobile app development in Oakleigh

Timeliness in work: we understand how important your time is and ensures to provide you with the complete project on the agreed deadline. We believe in incorporating timeliness in our every work to ensure your company’s growth. Be it any work including designing a website, creating a mobile app, coding a mobile or marketing campaign, we do it as quickly as possible while maintaining the quality of the work.

100% transparency: Choosing our mobile app development company in Oakleigh would mean that you will always be fully updated about your project status and will have full control of the same. We ensure to keep full transparency in our work to avoid any chances of suspicion. We strive to ensure that you are regularly updated about the ideas and concerns through daily reports, emails, video calls and onsite visits.

24*7 support service: We believe in providing every possible support to our client regardless of the time. Our clients are free to call us anytime to get their doubts cleared or their questions answered. Our experts at a mobile app development company in Oakleigh will provide every solution to your problem. We are always available to our clients to help them out with any emergency or progress report via email, text or phone calls.

We follow the effective process: We follow a unique and proven process which includes interpreting the client’s idea, analysing, planning and implementing the strategies for developing your mobile app. Our procedure ensures that your project is of the highest quality. We will listen to your ideas and according to it, our designers, coders and project managers will give your ideas shape of excellent solutions.

Our process of mobile app development in Oakleigh

Discussing and preparing a strategy: The first step of mobile app development is preparing a technique which involves discussing the ideas and requirements of the clients, analyzing them then preparing some effective strategies according to their needs that proves significant in achieving the app’s objective. This the stage will include identifying the app, researching the competitions, establishing the app’s goals and objectives, and selecting a mobile platform for your app.

Planning: The planning stage lays the trail to achieving the app’s objectives. It involves using the ideas to offer an accurate shape to the project. Planning for the project would require using cases and capturing detailed functional requirements. Once the requirements are identified, our experts at a mobile app development company in Oakleigh will prepare a roadmap which may enable us to prioritize the mobile app requirements and realize the needed time, costs, and resources required.

Wireframing: Wireframing is preparing the blueprint of the project. It involves creating the conceptual layouts and digital kind of sketches that depicts the designs of the mobile app. These are also called as the low-fidelity mockups that provide the visual structure to the application’s functional requirements. Wireframing is responsible for providing aesthetics and great customer experience. It also emerges as a cost-convenient option for designing app layouts.

Development of the app: This stage involves providing several mobile app development services such as offering beautiful UI/UX designs to your app to make it more user friendly and interesting. Before starting the actual development pf your app, our developers will perform some steps like defining the technical structure, choosing technology stack, and defining development milestone. Moreover, mobile app development will involve three integral parts including back-end technology, API and mobile app front-end.

Testing and deployment of the app: : Testing maybe a crucial stage for ensuring the good performance of the app and thus the required changes to be made if required. Once testing is completed, the app is now ready for deployment. It involves deploying the app on the app stores to make it available for the customer’s use. To deploy an app on the app store, one would require a developer account and preparing metadata including the app’s title, description, category, keywords, launch icon, and app store screenshot.