Best android app development in Melbourne

Android smartphones have a wide usage across the world, which makes it necessary for the enterprises to come up with customized android apps for enhanced customer experience. Clever Shark is the leading mobile app development company in Melbourne that designs and develops android apps for various businesses to help them achieve success and growth

Our mobile app development services

There are several effective and reliable android app development services that our company offers to the startups and enterprises. These include:

Customized android app development: Our team will visit your company to discuss your project requirements and ideas. After having deep insights into your ideas, our experts will provide you with custom services that fulfil your project requirements. We have a team of best android app developers in Australia who will use the latest Android SDKs to develop a high-end user interface for android app that best suits your company.

UI/UX designs for android apps: : Designing of the android app plays an important role in attracting the users and keeping them engaged. We have a team of experienced designers who will create beautiful UI/UX designs for your android app by incorporating the best designing techniques. They will ensure the effective implementation of the techniques to deliver an attractive and interactive UI design for your android app that provides a user-friendly experience.

Android app testing: We understand your business needs and strive to offer every support and testing to ensure our efforts prove to be worthy of your money. Our mobile app development services include offering regular checks and testing of the android app to ensure that it works well and prove to be a high-performance app to the clients worldwide. We have a dedicated quality assurance team who will test your app to ensure its good performance or to make necessary changes if required.

Android app consultation: We strive to ensure that our experts stay by your side throughout the project to provide you with the best project advice, consultation and solutions to your every query. We provide 24*7 contact services to our clients so that we can connect them with our experienced android app consultant to solve their project queries and provide the best possible solutions for your project.

Why choose our mobile app development company in Melbourne?

Experienced android app developers: Our android app development company consists of the most experienced and reliable developers who have experience of developing a a number of apps that prove to be worthy of your money. They understand their client’s requirement, analyze their ideas and develop those android apps that best suits their requirements.

Full technical support: Whether it is project related query or technical problems, we believe in providing the best possible support to our clients. At Clever Shark, we have a technical support team that will take your queries and based on that, they will provide you with the appropriate solutions to solve them and get an excellent experience.

100% transparency in work: : Our developers ensure to keep the clients updated about every work from the beginning to the end. We believe to keep 100% transparency with our clients to avoid any chance of suspicion and conflict in the future and to ensure smooth flow of work. We keep them updated regarding all the work carried out during the entire android app development production cycle.

Free consultation: Our experts at a mobile app development company in Melbourne provide you with the best project advice, consultation and solutions to your every query. We provide 24*7 contact services to our clients so that we can connect them with our experienced android app consultant to solve their project queries and provide the best possible solutions for your project.

Our android app development process

Our development process for android app development includes creating effective strategies that fulfil the customers’ demands, robust and highly scalable web and mobile solutions with the highest quality standards. Our development process includes mainly five major steps of smooth and effective work that ensures guaranteed results to the clients, these include:

Analysis of client’s requirements: The first step involves the discussion about the project requirements between our experts and clients where the clients provide us with their needs, ideas and requirements related to their project. Our expert analysts will study and comprehend these requirements and based on that they will provide an effective solution for the project.

Wireframing and designing: after acquiring and analysing your project requirements, our experts will prepare a blueprint structure for your android app development project, which will show how the app will be developed. The blueprint will involve wireframing each screen and the overall designing of the app.

Development of the app: Testing or monitoring the working of any app is an important step in ensuring its smooth performance and better results. Without testing one will not be able to recognize the major changes it might require. We have an expert team for application testing who will check the performance of your android app to ensure that it will 10% bug-free and works well. After testing, we will make the final approval from the clients.

App testing: After analysis of the project requirements discussion about the ideas and engagement timeline selection, it is the time to carry out the last step of the process development i.e. making the secure payment. Clients can make payment through 100% reliable and secure online payment system after which, our team will immediately start working on your project within 24 hours.

Deployment: Once the development and testing of the app is completed, our developers will carry out the final step of the process i.e. deployment. This stage involves deploying the android app to the app stores so that users can easily find your app. We will also deploy the app to our clients’ server. We will strive to make every effort to make your app easily available to every user.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for a mobile app development company in Melbourne

How to keep my android app idea confidential?

Our reliable mobile app development services include providing a Non-Disclosure agreement (NDA) to keep your android app idea confidential. The client needs to sign this agreement in order to ensure that their shared app idea and information are completely safe and secure in our hands.

Do I have the ownership of my code of application?

The ownership for your software solution and code of application solely belongs to you. We will not have any right to own your code of the application. Although, you can have a partnership or joint venture in your project. For that matter, we can help you out with the options.

Which tools and technologies are used during the development of the app?

During the development of your android app, we use several tools and technologies such as programming language, tools& IDE, and database.

Will you provide any support after the launch of the project?

Yes, we believe in providing full support to our clients even after the project is completed. We will offer you a 3-month free technical support after delivering the final project. If there are any technical issues with the android app, you can contact our technical experts, they will provide every solution to your problems.