FAQ – I would Love to Develop an App! Where Do I Start?

1. What is the average expenditure behind app development?

Developing a basic app variant would depend on what type of application you want to make. Over and above this, additional charges may be added based on the add-ons and layers of complexities involved. Bring us your idea, and let's have a detailed discussion of your requirements and expectations. Soon after that, we shall share the best quote for developing your app.

2. How long does it take to develop an app?

A simple app would take at least 2 months to be built. However, the extent of complexities involved would further ask for a more extended period. As we do not compromise on the quality, we invest some time in a rigorous testing post the app development. This mainly helps the mobile app developers Melbourne ensure that the UI/UX (User interface/User experience) is smooth and bug-free.

3. Is an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) necessary?

Not necessary, but I would be more than happy to sign it if you ask for it. We completely understand that an app is a reflection of your idea and is a part of your intellectual property. We, thereby, respect your demand for confidentiality. You may take a look at our NDA here.

4. How will I be paid – on an hourly basis or based on fixed quotes?

We most often work based on a fixed quote. This helps us gain our client's trust and bond with them with enhanced transparency. A fixed quote for your app development shall be shared with your once we have assessed your requirements in conjunction with the functionality of the app. Rest assured, it will be our best possible quote for you. Nevertheless, we do indulge in an hourly-based mode of payment in situations that either involves work that lay beyond the scope of our abilities or apps that would ask for future maintenance.

5. What makes Clever Shark different from other similar agencies?

We at Clever Shark - the best Mobile App Development Melbourne do not compromise on our users' quality of experience while using our apps. All app designs are well thought through and precisely implemented by our team of experts. To provide efficient results, our entire team works locally. The app developers interact with each of their clients in person. This ensures first-hand communication - an absolute requirement to serve you best. Throughout our decade-long experience, we have never failed to provide regular guidance to any of our clients during the development of their apps. We serve you beyond satisfaction!